Sanitaz+ Gadget Disinfecting Wipes Box of 30 Wipes


  • Cleans and disinfects in one easy step.
  • Safe and effective for cleaning gadgets.
  • Easy clean electronic devices, screens, monitors, keyboards, camera lenses & eyeglasses.
  • No rinse required
  • Kills 99.99% of illness causing viruses and bacteria.
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Sanitaz+ Device Wipes are created keeping in mind the increased dependency on devices in all areas of today’s world and the minimal importance given to hygienically cleaning them. Due to the increased risk of microbes and viruses’ settling on devices, it important to ensure proper cleaning and sanitization of them.

Mobile phones and other touchscreen systems – such as at airport check-in counters and in-flight entertainment screens are the most ideal carrier of germs and as such Sanitaz Device Wipes are effective for cleaning gadgets, electronic devices, screen monitors, keyboards, camera lenses & eye glasses. Its fast-bacterial action kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria instantly. It cleans & disinfects the devices which are prone to bacteria thus reducing the risk of infections.

Created with non- woven wipes that are dermatologically safe and Iso Propyl Alcohol which kills the germs settled on the surface of the device. Each wipe is infused with purified water and a mild fragrance.


Why Choose Us

  • Gentle: Our wipes are suitable for all glass surfaces and safe for coated lenses, making it ideal for most applications. The wipes are big enough for large screens and made of a soft, lightweight material that's gentle but effective. Pre-moistened lens wipes gently clean glasses and lenses. They are guaranteed not to scratch glasses or lenses.
  • Safe: Safe for cleaning lenses with anti-reflective coating or prescription free from abrasive cleaning agents like ammonia. It is safe to use on phone screens, and a quick gentle wipe can remove the smudge marks, dirt, fingerprints, bacteria, etc. within a few seconds.
  • Advanced and Effective Electronic Cleaning Wipes: These wipes can be used on a variety of tech equipment, including TV screens, smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras, and more.
  • Streak-free formula: These wipes have a high-tech formula to clean effectively and dry quickly without leaving behind streaks or residue. It easily cleans everything from your phone, glasses, screens, or other surfaces.
  • Convenient: These wipes are small and individually wrapped making it convenient and easy to carry a few in your bag so you can easily wipe your lenses or devices on-the-go. This makes them the perfect cleaning wipes for glasses and smartphone screens.
  • Anti-Static, Surface Safe Use: Sanitaz + wipes are designed to clean external areas on electronic devices and won’t cause damages to screens or surfaces.
  • Streak-Free Clean: These gentle electronic cleaner wipes help lift away fingerprints, food particles, spills, watermarks, and skin oils while leaving behind a clear finish.
  •  Quick-Dry Formula: Our wipes dry quickly to ensure they don’t leave behind streaks or sticky residue, making them safe for handheld devices. 

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